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Corporate & Government Projects

Bringing Hydroponics to the Nordic Countries


Co-Founder of the Oslo-based Omnicibus,  David has been instrumental in the   collaboration with the UK company Hydrogarden, winner of the 2016 Innovative Company of the Year Award and European leader within the hydroponic industry.

In the two years since the launch of Hydrogarden's V-Farm, Hydrogarden technology has been selected by leading academics to be a part of research and educational initiatives, including the University of Nottingham, the University of Liverpool and now the Life Science Cluster located at the Oslo Science Park in cooperation with Innovation Norway.


Helle Heyerdahl  ( can be contacted for more information regarding the science of hydroponics and its applications. Advantages include 24/7 growth, local sustainability, job creation, reduced levels of CO2, and vastly increased yields.

Vitreon America - Botanicals and the Pharmaceutical Industry


Headhunted to the US company Vitreon America, David worked closely with the 'Indiana Jones of Botanicals', the famed Dr. James A. Duke, in Autumn 2016 and Winter 2017 at  Johns Hopkins University in Rockville, Maryland to begin the change towards more healthy and natural medicines. 

Side effects from chemical synthesized drugs remain a challenge, drugs still make it to the mark, and lawsuits as a result of side effects are increasing.  

The Vitreon America  team is looking to make a change. The results thus far - the creation of the world's large phytobontanical database, the Botanicopeia, 4x larger than any other, including the USDA database. This registry includes nearly 10,000 plants, and 4,000 specific database reports.

Headquarters have been moved to the City of Baltimore, with the company having grown to over 20 employees in just the course of a few months. See this article


DNO - Merging the Norwegian and the Arabic Cultures


In 2012, the Norwegian Oil Company DNO merged with the Emirate-based RAK Petroleum, and as part of the merger a 'hand across the sand' communication project was initiated.

This early collaboration with UK politician and entrepreneur Wilford Agustus III saw David enlisted as the writer who would document and record these stories of cultural integration.

During the first half of 2012, a small DNO team travelled through the northern-tier of Iraq from Erbil through Mosul to the far north to the border of Turkey, where DNO had discovered one of the world's largest oil fields, interviewing and documenting this historic merger.

In search of the elusive stories, trips were made to London, Oman, Dubai, Ras al-Khaima to the edges of Yemen, searching for the stories that brought the Oslo-based DNO and the Dubai-based RAK Petroleum closer together culturally and from a business perspective.

Norwegian Centres of Expertise


From 2009 to 2011, the Norwegian Centres of Expertise and the Innovation Norway Arena Programs undertook a revitalization of the initiatives with updates of reports and  material.

"The NCE-programme is directed towards dynamic industry clusters that have established systematic collaboration and have potential for growth in national and international markets. Within their respective sectors and technology areas, the clusters are to have a national position." (

Fresh off his work with Norway Exports as Editior in Chief, David was hired in to work side by side with Innovation Norway communication personnel  with a focus on strengthening collaboration in regional business clusters, make the clusters more dynamic and attractive, and make the enterprises more innovative and competitive.

This work included close cooperation with the various Centres of Expertise as well as the Norwegian Research Council, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and others.

Norway Exports


Norway Exports is a magazine created in 1957 with the goal of strengthening the trade bond between Norway and the international environment.

Editor-in-Chief from 2007, David managed the publications that covered industries such as:

  • Design 
  • Defense 
  • Seafood 
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Environment
  • Specific city issues that included Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo.                  

Close cooperation with  the Norwegian Ministries as well as Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Design Council ensured that the globally distributed Norway Exports publications provided excellent PR for Norway and her industries Industry.

Norway Exports still exists today, albeit in a much lesser form with three industry issues published each year (Oil&Gas, Maritime, Seafood, Fishing & Aquaculture).

NATO Foreign Ministers Summit


Practical NATO-Russia cooperation, missile defence, and the CFE treaty were the three main issues discussed by Foreign Ministers at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Oslo, 26 April, 2007.

The NATO-Russia Council meeting was part of a two-day  meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Oslo, 26-27 April 2017 and included such dignitaries as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice together with an entourage of nearly 200. 

Working together with the Ministy of Foreign Affairs and my long time colleague Torunn Steinhaug, David was responsible for developing a 7-day 'screenplay' for the run up and staging of the event.

David's responsbilities included a full-day simulation with different organizations involved that included the Ministries, the city of Oslo, the National Police Security Service and others.

The event was run on time and under budget, satisfying all protocol, diplomatic and security requirements.

World Lottery Association


From our creation of a sponsor program in 2000 that would grow to be a million dollar project, David worked with General Secretary Yvonne Schnyder and long-time colleague Torunn Steinhaug to grow the Swiss-based WLA to an organization that at its height had nearly 150 governmental lottery members.

WIth a consistent focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, education, security and responsible gaming, the WLA became the official member organization for state and national lotteries.

In addition,together with the TS Forum team, we created, organized and staged annual global industry events:

  • 2001 Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
  • 2002 Adelaide, Australia
  • 2003 Granada, Spain
  • 2004 Durban, South Africa
  • 2005 Merida, Mexico
  • 2006 Singapore

The Master Plans


Together with Lillehammer Consulting Group, TS Forum and Thue & Selvaag, the years 1999 - 2003 saw David leading the creation of numerous Master Plans for different clients.

These Master Plans were generally used to plan and stage major events, and included all technical, pracitical and logisitic functions,  expertise in David's key participation in several Olympic bid projects.

Master Plans included:

  • 1999 Olympic Council of Asia Technical Review
  • 2000 Trans-Australian Expedition
  • 2001 Norwegian Cancer Society
  • 2002 World Design Congress
  • 2002 International Union Against Cancer
  • 2003 International Banking Summer School 
  • 2006 European Athletics Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden



Following the conclusion of the Centennial Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, David returned to Norway and joined SONY Professional.

 In Norway, David's primary area of responsibility were professional Display Products, with a national network of dealers. He also served the company in the capacity of Operations Officer with responsibility for all logistics on the Professional side of SONY activities.

At the time, SONY Europe was in the process of a Pan-European reorganization and appointed David to represent Norway in a series European Leadership Seminars staged in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lyon and several locations in the United Kingdom.

David was also elected as employee representative for SONY Norway.

The 1996 Atlanta Centennial Summer Olympics


Following the conclusion of the 'Best Games Ever' in Lillehammer 1994, David was recruited by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games as Ticketing Manager with areas of responsibilities that included:

  • Distribution of 8 million Olympic tickets with a value of over 200 million USD
  • Distribution of tickets to Special Groups that included Sponsors, Official Suppliers, National Olympic Committees and others
  • Planning Main Ticket Center operations  
  • Training and management of over 100 employees and volunteers
  • Operation of Main Ticket Center activities that included logistics activities within the 'Olympic Ring', sales of tickets to the public, security related to ticket activities, HR, etc.

Please note that this information is also included in the 'Olympics & Major Events' section.

The XVII Lillehammer Winter Olympics


David joined the LOOC (Lillehammer Olympic Organization Committee) in 1990 as Ticketing Director, the first in a department that would eventually number over 100 employees and volunteers during the Olympics. As Ticketing Director, David's tasks included:

  • Developing ticket price and sales policies for all customer groups
  • Development of the ticketing system that could manage 1.2 million Olympic tickets
  • Establishment of the Customer Service Center
  • Marketing, sales and distribution of all tickets
  • Establishment of the Main Ticket Center
  • Supervising all Games-time ticketing activities at 11 different venue.

Called the 'Best Games Ever' by the IOC President Juan Samaranch, the Ticketing Department set a record for sales (88%) that stands to this day.

US Intelligence Activities in the US and Europe


Deep in the Cold War far behind the Iron Curtain in West Berlin in 1982, David conducted intelligence operations.

Subsequent activities included association with NATO Supreme Headquarters, NATO North, US Embassy activities as well as tactical operations in the United States.

David concluded his Intelligence tenure in the year 2000.